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painting in a stream

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Sep. 4th, 2006 | 08:12 am
mood: ditzyditzy

Monday, Labor Day. with deadlines for painting the flow is continuous. finish one, load another canvas. no time to process the paintings, nor to calculate what the next will be necessarily. I try to get an impression as soon as the new canvas is up, I x-ray it to see what image is waiting to be brought out, what the overarching theme can be- these are relatively western landscapes, and the underpainting Background I do first in plaster, regions, friezes of color. and so I wait for the initial impression, and that's how the painting starts. I designed the first three in my sketchbook, now I'm winging it.

thee's not enough time to do the paintings I need to do. I've finished four, I'm on my fifth for this week. I need ten complete paintings...framed, varnished.

laying in the animal forms, buffalo, deer, horses, geese. then I work to make the painting a will pope, I put in a traiin and some clouds, rain. it's a process. getting the plaster canvases takes a few days application and drying, lots of sanding and then tapping words in with the leather/wood stamps I use- at least a hundred years old these stamps. then painting is a couple of days, then varnishing, which takes a day to a week to dry, then framing another day. this process is much more laborious than painting on canvas or paper. also a lot heavier, so shipping is an added cost-

listening to mozart, beethoven vivaldi, brahms now. started out the week with pj harvey and bjourk, the eels, a bunch of classic, john lee hooker.

have to keep changing the music to keep the monotony down of standing and painting. I forced myself to paint for six hours in silence, that was interesting. no where to run, no where to hide.

the western flavor is difficult, without adding my own 'notional' images, a submarine or flowers. it's relatively straight painting. the next series, chavez ravine, will be more light, comical maybe, at least free to put whatever I like. cousin christy turned me on to it, chavez ravine, the old mexican neighborhood in LA,and I went through a book of photgraphs on it, never quite placing it. I did the first painting in the series and dropped it at the gallery. it's been a month and I went back to look, and I really like the painting, the series I hope, I identify with it- the painting, called 'chavez ravine and the submarine' is big,
3 x 5.

James called from San Diego yeserday and told me that Chavez Ravine was bulldozed to put in Dodger Stadium, which is where I lived in LA, less thatn a mile from Dodger Stadium. So it turns out I'm painting my old neighborhood...very odd, a little aunted I would say. So it will be quite something to finish the series.

off to paint.

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