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the artist with the broken hand

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Mar. 25th, 2007 | 02:53 pm
mood: amusedamused
music: bungalow - Will Pope

I've been building out the basement into what will be I think an awesome studio - it's over 700 sq ft and has been a dark hovel since we moved in 20 months ago - dark brown concrete. still, I've made a lot of art down there and have been thankful for a place to do it. the other day our mailbox literally fell off its stand, and I went to fix it, using a a heavy duty hammer drill - the drill swpun on me and torqued my hand, and immediately I knew I had snapped my fourth metacarpal on my right hand.

I was a week away from finishing the studio - white wainscoat and ceiling, a new closet to hide the boiler and water heater and a few half-walls with box windows for a mod look. the floor will be blue stained concrete, and a a blue stained closet door...all new track lighting.

I was very excited to finish, but broke my hand...now it's light work, and a waiting game till I can get back to any kind of manual labor, and painting is backed up.

Sold several paintings this week though and very optimistic new paintings, new recordings, and video of all.

for now typing in a limited pecking fashion...

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